AUMI jammers (silhouettes) pose in front of the AUMI interface.

Welcome to AUMI-KU InterArts!

AUMI-KU InterArts is a Member of the AUMI Consortium, an international research group dedicated to exploring, sustaining, developing, and sharing the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument. Each AUMI Consortium Member institution has a particular area of focus. Ours is interdisciplinary​ arts and improvisation.​​

All Welcome to the AUMI Book Release Celebration

On February 8th, 2024, experienced AUMI users and the author of the newly released collective editorial will be celebrating the book's release at the Lawrence Public Library from 6:30-8:00PM! Come join us!
Thursday, February 8, 6:30-8:00. Book Celebration! Lawrence Public Library Auditorium. Image: Blue book cover with white and yellow lettering: Improvising Across Abilities: Pauline Oliveros and the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument. Image: two people in silhouette, one standing and wearing hat, one sitting in wheelchair, both gesturing toward a yellow ball that is floating in front of vertical blue grids with yellow zigzag sound waves. Text: AUMI Editorial Collective. Text: Join authors and musicians in celeb

New Collective Editorial Published for AUMI

We're proud to announce that our collective editorial, Improvising Across Abilities: Pauline Oliveros and the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument, has been published! You can read the open access book now.

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Improvising Across Abilities book cover: a standing man and wheelchair user silhouetted in front of AUMI interface

Hall Makes Headlines in the Lawrence Community

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Spring 2024 Jam Dates for AUMI

New AUMI Jam dates are out for Spring 2024 at the Lawrence Public Library! From 4:30-6:00PM on February 23rd, March 29th, and April 26th, jams are open to the public! Come join us, make and record music, and enjoy the fun of improvisation and collaboration with others in the community. All ages welcome.

A New Era of Music


Download the latest versions of AUMI for PC, Mac, and iOS

User using the most updated version of the AUMI interface

What is AUMI?

Adaptive Use Musical Instruments (AUMI) software interface enables people who have very limited controlled (voluntary) movement to independently engage in music making. Founded by musician, composer, and humanitarian, Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016), the Adaptive Use Musical Instruments (AUMI) project brings together the expertise of technicians at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and the community education initiatives of the Deep Listening Institute, now the Center for Deep Listening at RPI, and is headquartered at the Center for Cognition, Consciousness, and Culture, directed by Jonas Braasch, at RPI. The AUMI is one of the research projects of the International Institutes of Critical Improvisation Studies.

The Adaptive Use Musical Instruments software interface enables the user to play sounds and musical phrases through movement and gestures. This is an entry to improvisation rather than “hitting the right notes” or playing set pieces of music. Instead, the software uses music as a way for participants to express a range of affects, both by themselves and in response to, or in conversation with, others. While the AUMI interface can be used by anyone, the focus has been on working with children who have profound physical disabilities. In taking these participants as its starting point the project attempts to make musical improvisation and collaboration accessible to the widest possible range of individuals. This approach also opens up the possibility of learning more about the relations between ability, the body, creativity and improvisation.

For more answers to common questions about AUMI, visit our FAQ page or the official AUMI website.