Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


AUMI is an app that triggers sound through movement or touch, enabling the user to utilize whatever movements they prefer to create music. Through a camera, the software tracks user movement on the interface, which is also customized to the user’s preference.

AUMI is not a traditional instrument by any means; based purely off of the user’s individual ability and improvisation of the mind, there are endless possibilities of what music could sound like. Oftentimes, AUMI breaks the rules of music, exposing a side to sound that many haven’t considered or heard before! But this project is entirely inclusive, which is why we’ve also created an option to connect MIDI instruments for those who do wish to enjoy a more traditional, physical experience.

Jam sessions are monthly times scheduled to come to the Lawrence Public Library to experience what the Adaptive Use Musical Instrument really is. Through improvisation, the jams are truly just a fun time in which anyone—regardless of musical background or experience—can come and join in on the AUMI experience!

This page is always being updated to ensure the proper dates are listed. As of now, jam sessions are scheduled at the Lawrence Public Library’s Sound+Vision Studio for:

Fri. 23 Feb 2024, 4:30-6:00PM

Fri. 29 Mar 2024, 4:30-6:00PM

Fri. 26 Apr 2024, 4:30-6:00PM

Jam sessions are just starting back up after being on hold for the last few years! Right now, we’re in the process of inventing and experimenting. But typically, Jam Sessions will be composed of an introduction to AUMI, experienced users nearby to provide tips and assistance, and the simplicity of improvising in music! We’re also working on using the studio at the library to record original songs and sounds!

AUMI is available for iOS and desktop for FREE! You can download either option for your preferred device here:

To find more answers about how to operate AUMI, specific settings, tutorials, and more, visit AUMI's official website!