Bowling for Inclusivity: AUMI Team's Sonic Adventure

In the realm of music and technology, innovation often stems from a diverse group of minds coming together with unique ideas and perspectives. The Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI) team is a shining example of this collaborative spirit, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of music and accessibility. This article explores an extraordinary outing by the AUMI team, where they embarked on a bowling adventure to bond, connect, and gather sounds for an unconventional interface. The idea for this unusual musical venture came from one of the team members, Drew, a competitive and recreational bowler, who proposed creating an instrument solely from bowling sounds. This unique journey highlights the boundless creativity and inclusivity inherent in the AUMI project.

AUMI team poses at the bowling alley with recording equipment

The Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI) - An Introduction

Before delving into the AUMI team's bowling adventure, it's crucial to understand what the AUMI project stands for. AUMI is an innovative music software program developed by Dr. Pauline Oliveros, a renowned composer and accordionist, and her team of collaborators. The primary aim of AUMI is to provide individuals with limited mobility or physical disabilities a means to create music, allowing them to engage in musical expression and experience the joy of making music without any physical constraints.

AUMI operates on a simple but profound premise: it uses a camera to track the user's movements, allowing them to control and manipulate musical sounds and elements in real-time. This revolutionary technology has opened up a world of musical possibilities for countless individuals who might otherwise be excluded from traditional musical experiences. AUMI's adaptable and customizable nature enables users to play, compose, and experiment with music in ways that cater to their unique abilities and preferences.

The Catalyst for Sonic Innovation

Drew, a pivotal member of the AUMI team, is a passionate and competitive bowler. Beyond the alleys, Drew's enthusiasm for music and his friends is exemplary. His fascination with the sounds produced during a bowling game led him to envision a new avenue of creativity for AUMI. What if the sounds of bowling, the clatter of pins, the rhythmic roll of the bowling ball, and the triumphant strike, could be harnessed to create a musical interface? This idea was as bold as it was unconventional, but that's precisely what AUMI embodies – innovation without bounds.